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Our Pre-K program is open to 3- and 4-year old girls and boys. Students learn skills on the balance beam, uneven bars, floor exercise, vault, and Tumble-Trak. The "Monkey Quad" is designed especially for pre-K sized gymnasts.  Development of gross motor skills and body awareness are emphasized. Class size is 4 to 1 in our 3-year-old classes and 5 to 1 in our 4-year-old classes.

Girls Recreational

The Girls Recreational program is open to beginning and intermediate level gymnasts ages 5 to 14. Students learn skills on the four Olympic events which include the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. Emphasis is placed on learning specific gymnastic skills on each apparatus as well as overall fitness. Within the Girls Recreational program, there are several class options based on age and skill level.  Beginner 1 classes are for 5- and 6-year olds with no prior experience.  Beginner 2 classes are for 7- to 9-year olds, and Beginner 3 classes are for girls ages 10-14.  Intermediate 1 classes are for gymnasts with prior experience who have met a skill set determined by our coaching staff.  Intermediate 2 classes are for gymnasts who have skills beyond the Intermediate 1 level, but are not quite ready for Advanced classes. 

Boys Recreational

The Boys Recreational program is open to beginning and intermediate level gymnasts ages 5 to 12. Students learn skills on the vault, bars, parallel bars, floor, and tumble tramp. Emphasis is placed on learning specific gymnastic skills and general fitness. Class size averages 8 to 1 which allows coaches to meet the instructional needs of each student.  Our Boys 1 classes are for those with no prior experience.  Boys 2 class is for those with previous experience by invitation of our coaching staff.  Boys 3 class is by invitation only to gymnasts who demonstrate an advanced level of skill development.


Our tumbling classes are open to boys and girls ages 6 to 14 who want to specialize in learning how to tumble. Two tiers of classes as designed to teach students the fundamentals of tumbling through advanced techniques. Tumble One classes are for students with no experience who want to learn cartwheels, handstands, as well as other basic skills. Tumble Two classes are for students with some experience who wish to develop more challenging skills such as roundoffs and front handsprings.


Advanced, pre-team, and Team

The Advanced and Team programs are offered to gymnasts who have demonstrated special talents in mastering gymnastic skills as well as a commitment to the sport. Placement in these programs is by invitation only.  Advanced classes are 90 minutes long, and gymnasts can opt to take once or twice per week.  Pre-Team classes are designed to prepare gymnasts for competition.  Pre-team gymnasts work out twice per week, three hours per practice.  Team gymnasts and their families must commit to a minimum set of training hours based on their level of competition. 

rhythmic gymnastics

Our newest program, rhythmic gymnastics offers the opportunity for gymnasts to incorporate the love of dance with gymnastics skills.  Rhythmic blends the elegance of dance, beautiful flexibility, and seamless integration of equipment including the ball, hoop, ribbon, and clubs.  Check out rhythmic gymnastics videos on YouTube to find out more about this exciting program!